X12 Public Comment Periods for X12N 7030™ Technical Reports

X12's Insurance Subcommittee (X12N) is currently developing a set of 007030 TR3s. As a part of that process, each TR3 is presented for one or more public review and comment periods. The information below is about those public review and comment periods. Some of these TR3s are 007030 counterparts to the HIPAA-adopted transactions, those TR3s are denoted with an asterisk.

Other public review and comment periods are planned. Information for those periods will be added as it becomes available.


  • 007030X333 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance (834)*
  • 007030X346 Health Insurance Exchange: Enrollment (834)

Public Review Complete, Finalization in Process

  • 007030X322 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice (835)*
  • 007030X331 Health Care Claim Pending Status Information (277P)
  • 007030X334 Payroll Deducted and Other Group Premium Payment for Insurance Products (820)*
  • 007030X345 Health Insurance Exchange Related Payments (820)
  • 007030X332 Health Care Eligibility/Benefit Inquiry and Information Response (270/271)
  • 007030X347 Code Value Usage in Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Subsequent Response

Public Review In-Process

  • None

Public Review Pending

  • 007030X327 Health Care Services Review Inquiry and Response (278)
  • 007030X328 Health Care Services Review - Notification and Acknowledgment (278)
  • 007030X342 Health Care Services Request for Review and Response (278)*
  • 007030X323 Health Care Claim: Professional (837P)*
  • 007030X324 Health Care Claim: Institutional (837I)*
  • 007030X325 Health Care Claim: Dental (837D)*
  • 007030X326 Health Care Service: Data Reporting (837R)
  • 007030X329 Health Care Claim Status Request and Response (276/277)*
  • 007030X330 Health Care Claim Acknowledgment (277CA)
  • 007030X335 Implementation Acknowledgment for Health Care Insurance (999)