Earl "Buddy" Bass Achievement Award

Recognizing Current Contributions


The X12 Bass Award recognizes outstanding actions, activities and accomplishments related to development and implementation of X12 Standards in the preceding calendar year.

Use this form to nominate a colleague. The awards are presented as part of the Winter Standing Meeting.

Evaluation Criteria

This award is based on actions, activities, and accomplishments during the preceding calendar year. Candidates for the Earl "Buddy" Bass Award must meet the following criteria.

  • Exhibit considerable expertise in the implementation of X12 Standards.
  • Be an active participant in the X12 development process.
  • Be a contributor to the success of the X12 organization.
  • Exhibit strong support for the implementation and use of X12 Standards.

Bass Award Recipients

2017     Dora Lambert
2016     Steven Rosenberg
2015     Cathy Sheppard
2014     Laurie Burckhardt
2013     Chris Miller
2012     John Bock
2011     Margaret Weiker
2010     Matthew Heironimus
2009     Thomas H. Lyons, III
2008     David Feinberg and Terry Garber
2007     Don Bechtel
2006     June Arnold and Lisa Shreve