Edward A. Guilbert Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizing Significant Career Contributions


The X12 Guilbert Award recognizes outstanding long-term actions activities, and professional accomplishments related to development and implementation of X12 Standards.

Use this form to nominate a colleague. The awards are presented as part of the Winter Standing Meeting.

Evaluation Criteria

This award is based on long-term actions and accomplishments. Candidates for the Edward A. Guilbert lifetime achievement award must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a recognized EDI expert in an industry supported by X12 Standards.
  • Be a long-term participant in the X12 development process.
  • Be a long-term contributor to the success of the X12 organization.
  • Exhibit long-term advocacy of implementation and use of X12 Standards.

Guilbert Award Recipients

2017  Rachel Foerster

2016  Robert Poiesz
Thomas Deleandro

2015  Tom Bolling

2014  Merri-Lee Stine

2013  Pete Anderson

2012  Bob Miller
Kim Santos

2011  Peter D. Pruyne
Mike Rawlins

2010  Gale Carter

2009  R.T. Crowley

2008  Peter Randlev

2007  Lance Dailey
Bob Lyttle
Verna Schultz

2006  Dan Petrosky

2005  Harry Featherstone
Pam Flaten

2004  Doug Anderson
Dan Codman (posthumously)
Jim Sykes

2003  Hank Lavery
Paul Lemme

2002  Dr. Kepa Zubeldia
John B. Hunter

2001  Jessie W. Alderson
Klaus-Dieter Naujok

2000  Kendra Martin

1999  Lee Barrett

1998  Harriet J. Rusk

1997  James J. Muenz

1996  Hans Weiting

1995  Earl J. Bass
Joseph G. Carley
Ralph W. Notto

1994  Ken Hutcheson

1993  Burton F. Millard

1992  Clifford R. Buys

1991  Edward A. Guilbert
David L. Torma