Maintenance Request Form - Wordbook

To ensure consistency within X12, certain terms, definitions, abbreviations and acronyms are adopted for organizational use and maintained in a corporate reference. Use this form to request maintenance to an existing term in the X12 Wordbook, or to request a new term.

Fields Marked with a * are required
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*Business Case and/or Reason For Change
*Type of Maintenance
  • If you selected "Add New Term" fill in the A word or group of words that describes a particular activity, item, entity, or event.term and The exact meaning of a word or phrase.definition fields. If applicable, select an The group ultimately responsible for the term and its associated attributes.owner, an The group tasked with maintaining the term or with authority over the assigned maintenance group.overseer, or a The group tasked with maintaining the term under the authority of the Overseer.maintainer. If applcable enter an An abbreviation formed from the initial letters, successive parts, or major parts of a compound term.acronym, a The source or reference quoted when the term or definition is defined outside of X12.citation, or a A word or phrase that means exactly or very nearly the same as another word or phrase.synonym.
  • If you selected "Modify Existing Term" fill in the Term to identify which term you are modifying. You don't necessarily need to modify the term itself. Your modification could be to any of the other term attributes. Only fill in attributes where you are proposing modification.
Owner Overseer Maintainer
Acronym Citation Synonym