Request for Establishment as a Group under the Registered Standards Committee (RSC)

This form is submitted to initiate X12's consideration of a new group under the Registered Standards Committee (RSC). The form may be submitted by an official representative of any group, whether formally or informally organized, that is interested in becoming part of X12's RSC and meets the established criteria. Prior to submitting the form below, read Acrobat New RSC Group Checklist

An asterisk denotes required fields.
*The Group's Current Status
*The Group's Expected Duration

Submitter's name, email, phone number, member name (if applicable), and their relationship to the group.

A detailed description of the group's intended activities and work products
*Activities/Work Products

Describe the types of participants, by category, function, or role, that are expected to participate in the group (non-specific, just categories)

A list of organizations or individuals who have committed to working with the group (specific)
*Committed Participants

Contact name, contact email, member name, and member representative eligible and qualified to serve as the initial appointed convener.
*Contact Name
*Contact Email
*Member Name
*Member Representative
*Check this box indicating that the submitter has read the RSC Purpose and Scope (CAP19) and the RSC Operating Manual (RSC101), understands the requirements associated with being an X12 group, and believes the group meets all required criteria for operating within the RSC.
*Check this box indicating that the Group understands and accepts X12's IP and copyright policies.
*Check this box indicating the Group understands that it must use X12 tools and processes in it's activities.
Check this box if the Group has copyrighted any work products.
Check this box if the Group is operating as a legal entity.