X12 Board of Directors Nondisclosure Agreement

I hereby agree to the following as a condition of assuming or maintaining a seat on the X12 Board of Directors:

  1. The confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements and expectations contained herein are perpetual and do not end when my board term ends.
  2. Information obtained during the performance of my duties as an X12 Director shall be kept strictly confidential regardless of whether a specific expectation of confidentiality is noted when the information is disclosed. This includes:
    • All information known to be confidential or non-public
    • Any information that a reasonable assessment would identify as likely to be confidential or non-public
    • Specifically, but not limited to, any information related to members, employees, vendors, contracts, financials, licensing, negotiations, and other corporate business, whether conveyed in written, verbal or any other form
  3. I understand that any unauthorized release, whether intentional or resulting from carelessness, is considered a breach of my duty to maintain confidentiality.
  4. I understand that any breach of my duty to maintain confidentiality could be grounds for immediate dismissal from the X12 Board and possible liability in any legal action arising from such breach.

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