X12 Work Products

  • EDI Standard
    An ANSI-accredited set of standardized segments and elements, organized into transaction sets and documented in the EDI Transaction Set Directory, Segment Directory and Data Element Dictionary.
You can access work products in X12's on-line viewer: Glass
  • Guideline
    A document describing the technical and logical concepts reflected in X12 standards.
  • Interpretation
    An official clarification related to implementation of an X12 product.
  • Technical Report (TR)
    A document that facilitates consistent EDI implementations. X12 produces four types of technical reports.
    • Tutorial (TR1)
      A Tutorial provides guidance on usage of a particular version of an X12 standard, in part or as a whole.
    • Reference Model (TR2)
      A Reference Model addresses a number of X12 standards as they relate to each other, or to one or more business applications.
    • Implementation Guide (TR3)
      An Implementation Guide details implementation of one or more X12 standards for one specific business purpose.
    • Clarification Paper (TR4)
      A Clarification Paper relates to one or more X12 work products and may also relate to external standards or activities.
  • External Code List
    A stand-alone list of codes and associated descriptions established, maintained, and published by X12.
  • XML Schemas
    Mechanically generated from the same database as the implementation guides, ASC X12 TR3 schemas are W3C-compliant XML Schema Definition (XSD) files.
  • Table Data
    Mechanically generated from the same databases as the ASC X12 generic standard and the implementation guides, ASC X12 table data files are inert raw data intended to be imported into existing applications.
  • TR3 Spreadsheets
    X12 TR3 Spreadsheets are a representation of the ASC X12 TR3 PDFs delivered as a CSV file that can be opened with a spreadsheet. There is a row for each loop, segment, and data element. There is a column for the relevant attributes of each row.