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Policies and Procedures

These are the Core Polices and Procedures of ASC X12

ASC X12 Bylaws
Organization and Procedures Manual (OPM) Operations Manual (SD2)


Other Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures supplement the core policies and procedures above

ADP01 - ASC X12 Chair and Vice Chair Elections ADP02 - Establishing ASC X12 Subcommittees
ADP03 - Membership Policies and Procedures ADP04 - Membership Dues
ADP05 - Constitution/Charter Approval ADP06 - Intellectual Property Rights Policy
ADP07 - Liaison Policies and Procedures ADP08 - Anti-Trust Policies and Procedures
ADP09 - Communications and Messaging ADP11 - Recording and Photography
ADP13 - External Use of the ASC X12 Logo ADP15 - Membership Collaboration Tools
ADP17 - ASC X12 Board Elections ADP18 - ASC X12 Awards
ADP19 - ASC X12 Examples Website ADP21 - Membership Termination Appeals
ADP22 - Distribution of Materials Policy ADP23 - Division of Responsibilities



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