Falls Church, Va., October 18, 2005 - The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 named Dan Kazzaz, President of Rapid Data Interchange, LLC, as its new chair and re-elected Peter D. Pruyne, Technical Director of SysCom Strategies, as vice chair at the ASC X12 September trimester meeting in Atlanta.

Mr. Kazzaz brings 30 years of experience in systems design and integration with a focus on automating business-to-business (B2B) data interchange. His extensive background includes business and technical eCommerce strategy related to improving business processes. He has pioneered the development of data mapping engines and interactive EDI.

Rapid Data Interchange is an information technology product and services firm focused on enabling eCommerce networks and promoting standards-based eCommerce transactions in a variety of industries. Prior to founding Rapid Data, Mr. Kazzaz was the founder and CEO of PaperFree Systems, Inc., an EDI middleware provider to the utility, financial services, insurance and healthcare industries. PaperFree pioneered the enabling technology for HIPAA-complaint eCommerce transactions for the health care industry before being acquired by New Era of Networks, Inc., and later Sybase, Inc.

"I am honored to serve as chair of this esteemed e-business standards committee. I am committed to creating 'plug and play' technologies. While I applaud all standards development organizations (SDOs) in their efforts to benefit large organizations in all industries, it is now time to extend that benefit to smaller businesses as well as consumers. Today, it is too expensive for smaller companies to interface with every other major company. I hope to reduce costs by harmonizing ASC X12 activities with other North American and international SDOs," said Mr. Kazzaz. "As we move into the next generation of business-to-business and consumer-to-business transactions, we must work to leverage the lessons learned. Creating interoperable systems is very difficult and no single company or SDO can afford to be the center of the universe."

Mr. Kazzaz has been an active participant of ASC X12 since 1983 and is currently an individual member of the committee. Mr. Kazzaz initiated the formation of its insurance group task force. He serves as chair of the WEDI committee to Standardize Healthcare Communication and Encryption Protocols as well as several non-profit boards. The ASC X12 Chair is an ex officio member of the DISA Board of Directors; therefore, Mr. Kazzaz will immediately assume that position.

In addition to electing a new Steering Committee Chair, the Convergence and Outreach Task Group - ASC X12's educational and marketing arm - named Lenel James of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association as its new chair. ASC X12's Government Subcommittee re-elected Stephen Bouchard of Comptroller of Maryland as chair and elected Lissa Henderson Lucht of CACI, Inc. as vice chair. ASC X12's Finance Subcommittee re-elected Byron Warren of SysCom Strategies, Inc. as chair.

About Accredited Standards Committee X12

The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, accredited by the American National Standards Institute and comprised of cross-industry representation, develops robust e-business exchange standards using its EDI syntax and Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA). CICA is a syntax-neutral architecture that enables members to generate XML documents. X12 standards interact with a multitude of e-business technologies and serve as a premier tool for integrating electronic applications. With more than 2,500 individuals representing 370+ corporate members, ASC X12 facilitates the effective exchange of electronic information through standards-setting and active participation in emerging and technically relevant initiatives. Propelling global e-business, ASC X12 is an active contributor to the United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT), an international standard relating to the exchange of good and services. To learn more about ASC X12, visit http://www.X12.org or call 703-970-4480.