Falls Church, Va., October 2, 2007 - The Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), a not-for-profit organization that supports the development of cross-industry e-business exchange standards, announced the recipients of its 2007 Edward A. Guilbert E-Commerce Professional Award. This year's recipients are Lance Dailey of the Kodiak Group, Bob Lyttle of Kleinschmidt and Verna Schultz of Railinc.

Since 1991, the Edward A. Guilbert Award honors a select group of professionals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the e-commerce community. The award is named after Edward A. Guilbert who served as a logistics officer during the Berlin Airlift of 1948 and later created the first system to exchange data electronically.

Mr. Dailey’s career accomplishments include developing business expertise at various executive positions within Sears, Roebuck and Company. This expertise was brought to bear when appointed Director of EDI Implementation where he formed the award winning team that implemented eCommerce and 4800 suppliers. He was truly a pioneer who streamlined ordering, delivery, and payment before anyone ever heard of the “enhanced value chain”. At Vendor Logistics Services, this streamlining of the business process and the implementation of EDI was developed with many of the retail vendors that were struggling to meet the retailers' demands for EDI implementation.

Mr. Dailey has spoken at many business conferences on the advantages of developing a fully integrated business solution. He is now eCommerce Process Architect with the Kodiak Group, a consulting company that helps organizations build trading partner relationships that integrate with business applications. He has written articles for several publications and is the past editor and frequent contributor to the “Retail Trends” column in EC World magazine.

Mr. Lyttle is truly one of the last EDI pioneers who have remained active in the field He began his career at Tymshare in 1981 working with the newly formed EDI team in New York. He moved to GEISCO to assist in sales and to develop education programs for the industry. After two years, he was invited to join Metro-Mark to help manage the sales program and provide education to industry groups in the mid-range arena. He formed R.M. Lyttle Associates in the mid 80's to provide non-biased EDI education and consulting services for the EDI industry. He was the main provider of education services for the TDCC, EDIA and DISA standards organizations for many years. Through those years, he has educated thousands of potential and current EDI users across the nation.

Ms. Schultz started her career with EDI standards development working with the Transportation Data Coordinating Committee (TDCC) in 1985 as an employee of the Burlington Northern Railroad (BN). Her work with the TDCC continued until 1990. Her participation in ASC X12 began in 1991. She was instrumental in revising the 426 Rail Revenue Waybill transaction set and implementing its use by all Association of American Railroad line haul members. She was the Chair and Co-chair of the Transportation Subcommittee’s Rail Task Group (X12I/TG5) until 1996. Shortly after the BN/ATSF merger in September of 1995, she was transferred to an area where she no longer participated in EDI standards work.

In 1998, she accepted the position of Manager EDI/Customs within Railinc, a wholly owned subsidiary of the AAR (Association of American Railroads). She became the Transportation Subcommittee’s Technical Assessment alternate representative and was elected Vice Chair of the Transportation Subcommittee. In 2004, Ms. Schultz became Chair of the Technical Assessment Subcommittee and has attempted to consolidate as much as possible the technical approval flow of EDI and XML data maintenance within X12J and the other lettered X12 subcommittees. In addition to working on issues important to her industry and company, she is actively working on X12.71, the XML guidelines which all of X12 will be using.

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