Falls Church, Va, July 28, 2008, – In response to the federal government’s anticipated 2008 Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), expected to name 005010 replacements to the existing 004010A1 HIPAA mandate, X12 today launched a new website for the sale of these 005010 counterparts: http://store.x12.org

“X12 is pleased to work with its Secretariat, the Data Interchange Standards Association (www.DISA.org) and publisher Washington Publishing Company (www.WPC-EDI.com) in developing the website,” said Dan Kazzaz, Chair of ASC X12. “The implementation guides represent over 4 years of refinement based on the collective input from hundreds of industry stake holders. Careful analysis of what worked well with the initial 004010A1 implementation along with answers to the tough questions posed by those charged with that implementation has produced significant improvement over the originally mandated material.”

As a supplement to the guides, X12 is presenting a live webinar series that details the business justification for recommended solutions included in version 005010. Visit www.X12.org/webinars for details and to register.

The twelve transactions embodied in nine documents are now available for immediate PDF download, PDF shipped on a CD, or shipped as a bound document:

• 270/271: Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
• 276/277: Health Care Claim Status Request and Response
• 278/278: Services Review Request for Review/Response
• 820: Payroll Deducted and Other Premium Payment
• 834: Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
• 835: Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
• 837P: Health Care Claim: Professional
• 837I: Health Care Claim: Institutional
• 837D: Health Care Claim: Dental

The Implementation Guides, known as Technical Reports Type 3 (TR3s), may be purchased individually or as a suite for a modest price at www.X12.org. Once a Final Rule is published, pricing is subject to change and may include a discount for X12 members.

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