Falls Church, Va, October 8, 2008, – Participation and interest in the development and adoption of electronic data exchange standards continue to grow, as seen at the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 Trimester meeting, September 21-26, 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA. The X12 Steering Committee is grateful to its members, for developing several new proposals, and the Platinum sponsor, Highmark, for contributing to the meeting’s success.

Six new Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA) messages affecting the Transportation industry were proposed and have been approved for 21-day X12 member review. Based on existing templates, the proposed barge documents are:
• DM 022108 - Creates "Barge Invoice Document"
• DM 023108 – Creates “Barge Service Order Document”
• DM 024108 – Creates “Barge Service Order Response Document”
• DM 025108 – Creates “Barge Status Document”
• DM 026108 – Creates “Boat Status Document”
• DM 027108 – Creates “Tow Status Document”
Click here for details on the proposed documents.

ASC X12 has begun the process to establish a formal liaison to the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) TBG17, which would enable X12 to collaborate with UN/CEFACT TBG17 on matters of e-message standards globalization to expand use of its developed standards for global e-commerce.

A brand new EDI transaction for Contract & Rebate Management was approved for publication and is now available for use by the Foodservice industry. The Transaction Set 890 was created by the ASC X12M Supply Chain subcommittee to support the electronic conveyance of contract information previously agreed-to by trade parties, and occurs prior to the purchase order process. The document reflects the unique business environment of the Foodservice industry, though it may be used by other industries, as appropriate.

ASC X12G Task Group (TG) 2, Tax Information Group for E-Commerce Requirements Standardization (TIGERS), continues its very successful e-message development and collaboration efforts between the states, IRS and software developers to develop tax e-messages in support of the United States initiatives for Modernized Electronic Filing (MeF). The X12G TG2, which at times has almost 100 participants, has completed development to support electronic tax filings to the states and IRS for United States MeF initiatives on Corporate (1120) and Partnership (1065) XML electronic messaging. They are currently working to establish the same for Individual Income Tax filings to the states and IRS. This group has overcome many obstacles related to Federal, States and software developer requirements.

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The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1979, develops electronic data interchange (EDI) standards and related documents for national and global markets. With more than 315 X12 EDI standards and a growing collection of X12 XML schemas, ASC X12’s diverse member base includes 3,000+ standards experts representing over 340 companies from multiple business domains. To learn more about ASC X12 and how to participate in its vital standards-setting role for Communications, Finance, Government, Health Care, Insurance, Supply Chain, Transportation and other industries, visit www.x12.org, or call 703-970-4480.

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