Cathy Sheppard Elected Chair; Gary Beatty Elected Vice Chair

September 29, 2009, Falls Church, VA, - The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 is pleased to announce the election of Cathy Sheppard of CS Consulting as the new X12 Chair. Elected as Vice Chair for a second term is Gary Beatty of Deloitte Consulting. Ms. Sheppard replaces Dan Kazzaz, President, Secure Exchange Solutions, Inc., who served two terms as X12 Chair.

Ms. Sheppard, known for her detailed contributions to X12's core foundation documents concerning technical reports which are vital to the successful implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), has been an active X12 member since 1994. She has worked as an X12N (Insurance) subcommittee representative to other X12 subcommittees, such as Communications and Controls, Finance and Technical Assessment, and acted as an X12 representative in many joint Standards Development Organizations initiatives. Ms. Sheppard is the second woman elected as Chair in the thirty-year history of the ASC X12.

"Cathy shows a sincere dedication to ensure that X12 work products meet the business needs of the industries they represent with the highest integrity, and she has a commitment to channel members' efforts towards a strategic and successful future of the ASC X12," said Jerry Connors, President, Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), the Secretariat to the ASC X12.

"I'm honored to be elected to this position and look forward to the opportunity to serve the members, while ensuring X12 is positioned to support the business needs of all the X12 industries," said Sheppard.

Mr. Beatty has served in leadership positions of the ASC X12N subcommittee, Healthcare Task Group, Healthcare Claim Work Group, Coordination of Benefits Work Group and as an industry representative in organizations such as the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, Designated Standards Maintenance Organizations, Workgroup for EDI, DISA, Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission and the Health Care Electronic Commerce Foundation.

Mr. Beatty has over 20 years' experience implementing EDI in the grocery, retail, manufacturing, insurance and healthcare industries, including EDI implementation for healthcare payers, providers, and governmental agencies. Mr. Beatty is a senior manager at Deloitte Consulting and the president of EC Integrity which, in partnership with EDI Partners, provides EDI and HIPAA educational seminars.

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