Falls Church, VA, November 18, 2009 – The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 received the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) 2009 Corporate Leadership Award yesterday at the WEDI Annual Fall Conference in Baltimore, MD.

The award recognizes the WEDI Member organization that displays the highest level of commitment to and corporate involvement in the work and activities of WEDI each year. WEDI attributes its success and core strength to its membership and the countless hours of volunteer time from members.

“ASC X12 is honored to receive the WEDI 2009 Corporate Leadership Award,” said Cathy Sheppard, Chair, ASC X12. “The ASC X12/WEDI collaborative activities are beneficial to both organizations and to the healthcare industry as a whole. Both organizations recognize and appreciate each of the members who participate in these activities.”

Most recently, ASC X12 and WEDI initiated a collaborative three-part real time adjudication (RTA) audio cast series. The first session, Healthcare Reform and Administrative Simplification – Real Time Adjudication, HIPAA and the X12 Transactions: Reducing “Administration” and Enhancing “Simplification,” was held November 12, 2009 and reached an impressive audience. The next session, to be held the week of December 14, 2009, will address implementation logistics, best practices and industry trends. The last session is scheduled for January 12, 2010.

Lisa Miller, Chief Information and Compliance Officer of XeoHealth Corporation, serves as the ASC X12 Insurance (X12N) WEDI Liaison and has a major role in the commitment and involvement noted by the Corporate Leadership award.

“Lisa’s participation in ASC X12 is invaluable to XeoHealth, and we are very proud that ASC X12 will be honoured with the WEDI 2009 Corporate Leadership Award,” said Wimpie du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer, MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions (Pty) Ltd., XeoHealth’s parent company.

“ASC X12 is pleased to work with WEDI to educate the industry on ASC X12 005010 implementations and RTA and on other projects that enhance the exchange of electronic transactions in the healthcare industry. We’re grateful to be recognized with this award and for our members’ contributions,” said Jerry Connors, President, Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), Secretariat to ASC X12.

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