Falls Church, VA, April 14, 2010 – The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 is celebrating the role the ASC X12N Implementation Guide Interpretation Requests (HIR) portal, found at http://www.x12n.org/portal, has played in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-mandated implementation of ASC X12N 004010 and ASC X12 005010 standards.

The portal, a Web-based service, is the most reliable source to research questions regarding existing versions of ASC X12N Implementation Guides (IG) and ASC X12 Technical Reports, Type 3s (TR3s) related to Health Care and named as HIPAA standards.

The value of this free portal is unsurpassed. It is a source of answers to questions regarding the new HIPAA-related electronic data interchange (EDI) standard for claims, remittances, claim status, eligibility and benefit information, services review, enrollment, premium payment, and eligibility and benefit information from the standards authors.

ASC X12 applauds the unprecedented number of health care plans, providers and clearinghouses that have relied on the portal for resolving issues between trading partners. This is critically important, as health care entities migrate to the Federally-mandated ASC X12 005010 standard for processing transactions.

“As seen in the high volume of use, the portal’s repository of interpretations on the X12 Web site is a key tool in a successful migration to the ASC X12 005010 TR3s, mandated by HIPAA,” said Margaret Weiker, ASC X12N (Insurance) Chair. “The portal interpretations provide additional clarity to the ASC X12 Implementation Guides and TR3s available through the Web site.”

Before submitting questions to the portal, industry entities should consult the ASC X12 IGs available at http://store.x12.org. Information about previous HIPAA IG HIRs and their associated responses can be searched and retrieved by portal users. If further explanation is necessary, users may submit a new request for a formal or informal response from ASC X12.

Leading health care industry entities rely on the portal as a searchable knowledge repository. Health care entities increasingly use the portal as the primary tool to research questions that may come up with trading partners. If they have a discrepancy regarding a claim submission requirement, information found on the portal provides the entities with clarity on how to proceed.

ASC X12 supports increased use of the portal, fostering communication among industry organizations and strengthening collaboration and educational efforts, as they prepare trading partners and other entities for the ASC X12 005010 migration.

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