Standardized XML Business Messages - The Result of a Practical Application of the Syntax-Neutral Methodology

Falls Church, VA, June 4, 2010 - Two additional Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 standards were recently approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as American National Standards (ANS):
• Context-Inspired Component Architecture (CICA) Technical Specification and XML Schema Syntax Representation (X12.7)
• CICA Design Rules and Guidelines (X12.71)

CICA's syntax-neutral message development architecture produces standards that solve the problem of incompatible XML documents, especially those used for business-to-business exchanges. Vendors integrating predictable CICA components into their applications benefit by knowing that simple generic data, such as a name, is always constructed in the same pattern. When inserted into a business process model, the components acquire specific meaning, such as purchaser name or patient name.

During development, ASC X12 members have access to CICA’s reusable component repository and use the content to construct interface standards. The components satisfy business requirements that are common across industries, with the ability to provide a single industry focus to generic concepts. In addition to components, the repository includes over 30 cross-industry approved XML business messages for Finance, Government, Insurance and Transportation. The repository supports several standards development functions:
• Automated XML schema generation
• End user documentation
• Flexible reporting capabilities
• Data retrieval from messages to individual components
• Data entry and maintenance

"The confirmation of X12.7 and X12.71 as American National Standards solidifies ASC X12's role as a leader in the development of innovative data interchange standards. The result of collaboration among business process and technical experts, CICA's metadata is an expanding collection of reusable components designed to capture cross-industry data requirements, while providing industry-specific customizations," said Cathy Sheppard, Chair, ASC X12.

Application vendors, industry trade association members, value added networks, clearinghouses, and individuals interested in standardized XML messaging benefit from an understanding of the foundation upon which the next generation of ASC X12 messaging standards is being built:
• ANS X12.7 defines CICA and provides rules for constructing schemas.
• ANS X12.71 establishes guidelines for CICA development and maintenance, assisting new and experienced users working with the architecture.

The standards are available online for purchase in PDF format at

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