Falls Church, VA – February 11, 2011 – The Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12) held the first trimester meeting of 2011, January 31 through February 4 in Seattle, Washington.

ASC X12 Chair Cathy Sheppard announced that membership has steadily increased, indicating strong support for the committee’s efforts to provide robust Standards and relevant derivative products, including Implementation Guides and TR3 Schemas.

ASC X12 Subcommittees convening during the trimester meeting continued their development activities, focusing on specific industry needs.

Highlights of the meeting included:
ASC X12C Communications/Control, completed a number of outstanding Requests for Interpretations. These official clarifications will be published shortly for implementer reference. They also completed work on an updated version of Compliance in X12, an official document that describes what implementers must do to be in compliance with the ASC X12 Standards and related documents.

ASC X12F, Finance, continued developing components to be used in CICA XML schemas for payment type.

ASC X12I, Transportation, continued their CICA simplification activities.

ASC X12J, Technical Assessment, provided technical advice to other subcommittees and continued developing revisions to ASC X12 Design Rules.

ASC X12M, Supply Chain, continued developing components to be used in CICA XML schemas for Purchase Orders.

ASC X12N, Insurance, has two active Task Groups, Insurance and Property and Casualty.

The Property and Casualty Task Group continued developing components to be used in CICA XML schemas for Auto Insurance Notification and development of a new Technical Report for Hazard Insurance and Condominium Verification based on the 811.

The Insurance Task Group focused on the development of a new set of TR3s based on version 6020 of the Standard and the development of additional Operating Rules. Operating Rules are mandated by the Affordable Care Act and the Operating Rules for ASC X12’s Health Care Claim Payment/Remittance Advice (835) transaction will be adopted by July 2012. ASC X12 is dedicated to publishing a robust set of Operating Rules that complement the underlying 835 Implementation Guide and that ensure the entire health care industry exchanges consistent and meaningful 835 transactions. ASC X12 will vet and approve these Operating Rules under its ANSI accredited, consensus processes.

“2010 was a successful year for ASC X12, based on increased membership, increased participation and a number of collaborative efforts with other associations and organizations in the industries represented by our members,” said Cathy Sheppard, “We look forward to the opportunities and challenges of 2011.”

About ASC X12
ASC X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute more than 30 years ago, develops and maintains EDI and CICA standards along with XML schemas which drive business processes globally. The diverse membership of ASC X12 includes technologists and business process experts, encompassing health care, insurance, transportation, finance, government, supply chain and other industries. For additional information, visit www.x12.org.