Falls Church, VA – April 11, 2011 - Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 announces the release of a collection of Consolidated Guides. Consolidated Guides combine the information from the original, or base, ASC X12 5010 Implementation Guide and all associated errata into a single document. To ensure accuracy and consistency, these official derivatives are generated from the same database used to publish the ASC X12 Technical Reports and associated errata.

“The 4010 Combined Guides published by WPC were used by many implementers as reliable and efficient summaries of the requirements included in the base Implementation Guide and subsequent addenda. We expect the ASC X12 5010 Consolidated Guides will offer the same benefits to implementers across the board,” said Cathy Sheppard, Chair, ASC X12.

The ASC X12 5010 Consolidated Guides can be used by implementers; including payers, providers, clearinghouses, and software developers as a single ASC X12 reference document instead of referencing the original Implementation Guide and any associated errata as separate documents. A single reference document reduces the risk of implementation errors that could result in non-compliance with HIPAA mandates.

Entities that have already purchased ASC X12 5010 Implementation Guides are eligible for a significant discount on the purchase of the corresponding 5010 Consolidated Implementation Guides.

For more information and to purchase ASC X12 Consolidated Guides, visit http://store.X12.org.

About ASC X12
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