Falls Church, VA – May 30, 2011 - Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 announces the release of a new Interpretation Portal. This portal provides access to information related to the meaning, use, and interpretation of ASC X12 Standards, Guidelines, and Technical Reports, including Type 3 Technical Report (TR3) implementation guidelines. The information is available in the form of responses to questions submitted by implementers of ASC X12 products.

Two types of responses are available and the submitter determines which type they will receive.

  • Formal Interpretations follow the ASC X12 Request for Interpretation (RFI) procedure. Formal requests result in an official response from the Chair of ASC X12. Formal requests are reviewed and approved by multiple ASC X12 groups and the response may take longer than the informal response.
  • Informal Interpretations are reviewed and approved by the owning Subcommittee, according to that Subcommittee’s published procedure. A formal letter from the ASC X12 Chair is not returned.

Lisa Miller, Chair of ASC X12C said, “The new RFI portal provides the EDI community the ability to easily find previous interpretations and easily enter requests. The portal is an integral tool for not only the existing EDI community but essential for the new EDI implementers."

The first step for anyone that has a question about ASC X12 Standards, Guidelines, and Technical Reports is to visit the Interpretation Portal and review the posted information to see if the question has already been addressed.

If the question has not already been addressed, the submitter may want to submit an RFI. To facilitate the response process, submitters must review the published ASC X12 product and provide detailed information related to the question, including the exact product(s) referenced, page numbers and details of the business scenario surrounding the question. If necessary, the submitter will be asked to provide additional information during the response development process. Each RFI is limited to one question, or one set of questions about a single point of reference.

“The new portal brings together the previous HIR portal used specifically for the implementation guides named under HIPAA and the RFI portal used for X12 standards. The combination provides implementers with a more robust database to query for answers to their questions. In addition, the portal provides links to request changes to the standards, technical reports, and submit a DSMO request. I think people will be pleasantly surprised with the new portal,” said Margaret Weiker, Chair, ASC X12N.

To review existing responses or to enter a request for interpretation, visit www.x12.org/x12org/subcommittees/x12rfi.cfm

About ASC X12
ASC X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1979, develops EDI standards and documents for national and global markets. With more than 315 X12 EDI standards and increasing X12 XML schemas, ASC X12 enhances business processes, reduces costs and expands organizational reach. Members include standards experts from health care, insurance, transportation, finance, government, supply chain and other industries. For additional information, visit www.x12.org.

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