The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC X12)
Confers Awards

ASC X12 Recognizes Significant Contributions

Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12) recognized two members for outstanding contributions at the Fall ASC X12 Standing Meeting, held in Charlotte, NC.

Edward A. Guilbert was an electronic data interchange (EDI) visionary who created the first system for exchanging data electronically. His work set the stage for ASC X12's EDI standards and he continued to improve and refine the medium during many years of dedicated and committed effort.

Earl J Bass, known by all as "Buddy," was the principal author of the first set of EDI standards manuals, designing the format and content with a stable base and continuous updates in mind. Hailed as one of the "founding shapers of EDI," Buddy's initial accomplishment was ensuring that EDI information was presented in a comprehensive and understandable manual. The basics of this far-sighted documentation system still support ASC X12's publications today.

At the recent ASC X12 meeting in Charlotte, NC, Mr. Tom Bolling of Norfolk Southern, was awarded the Edward A. Guilbert e-Business Professional Award recognizing his significant career contributions, ongoing leadership, and long-term participation in the development and implementation of ASC X12 Standards. Mr. Bolling has been an active member of ASC X12 for well over twenty years and provides a wealth of experience and knowledge in a number of key areas.

"I am humbled to be honored with the Guilbert award," said Mr. Bolling, "Mr. Guilbert was a true visionary and to be associated with his name is a thrill. Truly the thing that makes ASC X12 great is its people and their commitment to carrying on Mr. Guilbert's vision and work."

Also recognized was Ms. Cathy Sheppard, this year's Earl J Bass Achievement Award recipient. Ms. Sheppard, an independent consultant, was recognized for her leadership of the ASC X12 organization as Chair and for her clear expertise in the implementation and use of the ASC X12 Standards.

"I am thrilled to receive this year's Earl J Bass Award", said Sheppard, "His contributions are the bedrock of ASC X12's successes and I look forward to continuing his legacy."