Announcing a Public Review Period for the 834, Plan Member Reporting (005010X318)

The ASC X12 Plan Member Reporting (834) Implementation Guide (005010X318) is now available for public review. This guide has been developed by ASC X12's Insurance Subcommittee. Following this review period, ASC X12 will conduct a corresponding Informational Forum. The Informational Forum is the final opportunity for public discussion of the review comments and resulting revisions.

The Plan Member Reporting Implementation Guide describes the use the ASC X12 834 transaction set for reporting plan members and member related information, which may or may not be available on a claim transaction, to All Payers Claims Databases for the purpose of enhancing health data reporting.

The guide is based on version 005010 of the ASC X12 family of standards.

The public review will commence June 16, 2016 and will close on July 30, 2016 at 8:00 PM, Eastern Time.

ASC X12 will consider all comments following the public review period. Official responses will be posted to the on-line conference at least 15 days prior to the corresponding Informational Forum. The posted response is not necessarily the final determination as discussion in the Informational Forum may result in revisions to the posted response. This on-line conference is not updated based on discussion or decisions related to the Informational Forum.

Interested parties should monitor the on-line conference during the public review period and prior to the Informational Forum, which is the final opportunity for comment on the draft.

Watch for the announcement of the corresponding Informational Forum.

The draft implementation guide is available at The draft is provided for public review and cannot be used for any other purpose without permission from ASC X12.

Comments on the draft instructions can be submitted via the on-line conference at: