Public Review and Commenting Training

In response to feedback from commenters, X12 has developed a web-based training related to reviewing and commenting on draft material posted for public review.

X12 revised the public review and commenting processes and began presenting all draft content on-line, eliminating downloadable drafts. The public review process provides three components, a Review tool which supports front-to-back perusal of the draft material, a Comment tool which supports in-context comments viewable by all other commenters and a Change Log. This training covers the review and commenting steps, use of the change log, helpful tips and tricks for efficient posting of comments, and explains what happens after the review period closes.

The next training session is scheduled for October 20th, 2016 at 4:00 PM, Eastern Time and is free for all attendees. Complete the online form to receive an invitation to register for the training. All attendees must register in advance to attend the training session. The registration deadline is October 19th, 2016.