X12 Board of Directors Election

At the January standing meeting in Seattle, the members of X12 will elect three directors to the X12 Board. The election will take place during the General Session, which begins at 5 PM on Monday, January 26, 2017.

Each member will have the opportunity to vote for three individuals from the following slate of qualified candidates:

  • Chad Wasserman
  • Dan Kazzaz
  • Paul Moseley
  • Robert Barbour
  • Todd Gould

Candidate statements are posted here. Candidates will have an opportunity to address the General Session prior to the election.

Members whose primary or alternate representatives are not able to attend January's general session, may appoint a proxy to cast their ballot. The proxy form is located here here. The primary representative of each member, or their designee, in the absence of the primary, must pick up their ballot prior to the General Session's Call to Order.