X12 Announces an Enhancement to
Its Public Comment Process

We provided tools. We received feedback. We took action based on the feedback.

Although X12 hasn't received much feedback from the public related to the tools available for public reviews, we did receive feedback from some of our members. After considering this feedback, we committed to making improvements and worked with a number of the members who provided constructive suggestions to ensure we understood the needs they felt weren't being met. Once we had a grasp of the functionality these members felt was critical to successful reviews, we spent a considerable amount of time researching and testing solutions that address the reported challenges.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new public review tool, secure and downloadable PDF's. Reviewers are now able to download a PDF version of Technical Reports (TR3) currently under public review. The PDF is based on the X12's Internal Review Draft. These PDF's will be watermarked Public Review Draft and will expire at the scheduled end of the public review period.

This offering accommodates the majority of the needs presented by those who provided feedback and supports X12's goals for the review and comment periods, including consistent information for all reviewers, the ability to communicate directly with all reviewers as necessary, accurate quantification of the number of reviewers, and compliance with X12's intellectual property and fair use policies.

Each reviewer must download their own copy of the PDF from the X12 Online Store. As a condition of the download, an individual must agree to use the downloaded PDF only for public review purposes, use it only during the defined public review period, and not to share the downloaded PDF with anyone else, whether internal or external to their organization. Sharing the PDF with other individuals after agreeing to this condition would be considered a violation of the terms and conditions under which X12 is making these available. X12 will be actively monitoring to ensure the defined terms and conditions are being honored.

Visit the Public Review site to locate a link to download a PDF of any of the four TR3s in Cycle 4, which has recently been extended. These PDFs will expire on June 1, 2017, the end of the Cycle 4 review period. An X12 Online Store Account, free and available to any individual, is required to download a public review PDF.

The online Viewer remains the official source for the draft documents. The online viewer version of the TR3 will remain available through the corresponding Informational Forum.

X12 remains committed to providing online representations of work products in favor of other forms for these reviews, and in that spirit we will continue to enhance and improve the online functionality.

If you have any questions about this new public review option, please feel contact X12 at info@x12.org.