Announcing Board of Director Elections

X12 will fill three Board seats for the 2018-2020 X12 term. X12 membership is not a requirement, each seat may be filled by any qualified candidate. The election will be conducted via a corporate electronic ballot which shall open in December of 2017.

Applications are being accepted now. Individuals who meet the criteria listed below may register their interest in serving on the X12 Board by submitting the online application, found at X12 BoD Application, by 5 pm ET on November 3, 2017.

The Nominating Committee will review all applications and select the candidate slate, which will be announced prior to execution of the ballot.

Applicants for the X12 Board must meet the following criteria.

  1. Represent a member whose representatives are entitled to serve in elected positions or be a non-member with a vested interest in X12.
  2. Only one candidate will be selected from any one organization, regardless of membership status.
  3. There shall be only one elected Director from any one organization, therefore. Therefore, an applicant associated with an organization already represented by an elected Director shall not be eligible for selection.
  4. Immediate family members of a seated Board member are not eligible for selection.
  5. Employees and family members of employees of an organization which has a contract with X12 are not eligible for selection.

The Nominating Committee will determine the slate based on an applicant's conformance to the following requirements:

  1. Meeting the criteria listed above.
  2. Demonstrating extensive and relevant leadership experience including an understanding of the complex challenges of enterprise leadership.
  3. Demonstrating leadership experience in sectors directly relevant to the organization's business, or in professional disciplines pertinent to the organization's key areas of interest.
  4. Demonstrating sufficient corporate governance experience to fully understand the legal and other responsibilities of an independent Director of a U.S. corporation.
  5. Demonstrating the highest moral and ethical character, as evidenced by a highly respected professional reputation.
  6. Demonstrating integrity, vision, objectivity, independent thought and judgement.
  7. Offering a substantial contribution to Board deliberations including intelligence, inter-personal skills, flexibility, and communication skills.
  8. Acknowledging a willingness to commit sufficient time to discharge the duties of Board membership.
  9. Acknowledging a willingness to work cooperatively with other Board members and with the organization's senior management.
  10. Acknowledging a commitment to the mission and principles of the organization.

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