Taylor and Fetzer Re-elected to the X12 Board

James Taylor and Stephanie Fetzer have been re-elected to two-year terms on X12's Board of Directors. These two-year terms run from February 2018 to February 2020.

Ms. Fetzer, of HCL, has served the X12 membership as a Director since 2014 and is looking forward to her third term, noting "I'm pleased to be part of this Board, the organization, and the opportunities in front of X12 today, I'm confident X12's accomplishments over the coming years will be significant, positive and rewarding."

"These re-elections show the X12 membership's enthusiasm and strong support for the organization's progress under the leadership of Mr. Taylor, who serves as Board Chair, and Ms. Fetzer, who serves as Board Vice Chair," Said Cathy Sheppard, X12's Executive Director, "X12 member representatives and staff look forward to the work that will be accomplished during Jim and Stephanie's upcoming terms."

Mr. Taylor, CEO of MarineNet, was first elected to the X12 Board in 2015, after having previously served several terms on the DISA Board. "I'm honored to continue to serve on the Board as we navigate in today's rapidly changing business environment. I'm confident that X12 will step up to the challenges and opportunities we have identified, and those that we'll uncover in the coming years."