Announcing an RS-Schema Pilot

X12 has added a new offering, RS-Schema, to its product library. Like X12's TR3-Schema, the RS-Schema are based on a technical report, also known as an implementation guide. While TR3-Schema are an exact replication of the structure and content requirements of the associated implementation guide, the RS-Schema reduce the structure requirements while maintaining all the substantive data content of the implementation guide.


X12 has completed initial vetting of two RS-Schema messages with favorable feedback from the early reviews. As part of X12's commitment to robust proof-of-concept evaluation processes, we have authorized a pilot program and are opening it up to interested parties willing to make a commitment to test and provide feedback within the pilot program window.

The implementation guides converted to schemas for this pilot are:

  • 277 Health Care Claim Request for Additional Information, version 006020 (6020)
  • 275 Additional Information to Support a Health Care Claim or Encounter, version 006020 (6020)

The Innovations Messaging Group, a health care industry group, expects to participate in this pilot and X12 looks forward to having their feedback, along with the feedback of other interested parties.

What is the purpose of the RS-Schema pilot?
The RS-Schema pilot is intended to prove the usability and viability of the schema themselves.

In order to evaluate the RS-Schema pilot, participants will have to agree on specific business uses, the contents of the transactions, and expected results; however, documenting or endorsing transmission requirements for any specific business-to-business data exchange is outside the scope of this pilot.

Who can apply to participate in the RS-Schema pilot?
To ensure we gather robust feedback from all sectors, X12 intends to select participants that represent vendors, clearinghouses, payers, and health care providers. X12 may also select alternates who would join the pilot later as needed.

When will the RS-Schema pilot start? How long will it run?
The pilot will kick-off in September 2018 and will run through June 2019, with an option to extend the period if necessary. X12 may terminate the pilot prior to the scheduled end date, with majority concurrence of the pilot participants.

How are applications submitted?
Interested parties will complete the pilot participation application form, to express interest in participating. Any party may apply to participate individually; however, interested parties who form a group representing each of the four identified sectors and identify specific use cases or goals for their testing on their application will be given priority in the selection process.

What do the RS-Schema pilot participants have to do?

Pilot participants will:

  • Define use cases cooperatively with other pilot participants
  • Implement the pilot transactions and begin exchanging them with other pilot participants within 6 weeks of receiving the schemas.
  • Provide regular feedback throughout the pilot via the online pilot status and findings form
  • Provide a pilot summary detailing use cases, expected results, actual results, gaps or discrepancies, and a final assessment of the pilot's schema transactions.
  • Respond to a final survey and other requests for additional feedback
  • Honor the parameters of the pilot license

How do RS-Schema pilot participants get the TR-Schema for the pilot?
Applicants selected to be pilot participants will receive a complimentary one-year limited use license permitting use of RS-Schema identified above for purposes of the pilot. They will be sent an email with the beta version of the schemas attached.

X12 values and appreciates organizations willing to pilot new products and provide feedback on the results. As a token of that appreciation, at the conclusion of a successful pilot the participants who fulfill all the commitments listed above will receive a complimentary one-year license for internal use of the RS-Schema suite when it is published for general use.