Hear EWG and ASC X12 visionary leaders address ebXML-compliant core component work

Hear EWG and ASC X12 visionary leaders address ebXML-compliant core component work

EVENT: The UN/EDIFACT Working Group Meeting (EWG). In addition to the usual work of the EWG, a focus of this meeting is the EWG-Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 joint core components initiative. These two groups are working together to create a single set of business objects (core components) that are compliant with the Electronic Business Extensible Markup Language (ebXML) specifications and valid within UN/EDIFACT and X12 business processes. This single set of business objects would be the basis for future developments with new and emerging technologies such as XML.

HIGHLIGHTS: Monday, March 19, 10:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m., Opening Plenary

Hear e-business leaders address the UN/EDIFACT, X12, and ebXML convergence in this opening session.

- EWG Chair Pierre Georget of EAN France

- ASC X12 Chair David Barkley of Freddie Mac

- Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) President and CEO Kerry C. Stackpole, CAE

Monday, March 19, 4:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., Core Components

Members of the EWG-ASC X12 joint core components group will provide meeting participants with an overview of the ebXML metamodel, common and supply chain business processes, core components and much more.

WHERE: Hilton McLean Tysons Corner

7920 Jones Branch Dr

McLean, VA 22102


+1 703-847-5000

REGISTRATION: Attendees staying at Hilton McLean: US $230

Attendees not staying at Hilton McLean: US $270

Visit www www.disa.org or www.x12.org, or call +1 703-548-7005.

ABOUT EWG: The purpose of the EWG is to develop and maintain UN/EDIFACT messages, provide the tools and administrative support necessary for the development of UN/EDIFACT, develop and maintain guidelines and proposals that support harmonization of UN/EDIFACT implementation and that improve the grammatical quality of the deliverables in the working language.

ABOUT ASC X12: ASC X12, comprised of cross-industry representation, develops the most widely used EDI standards that interact with a multitude of e-commerce technologies and serve as the premier tool for integrating electronic applications. Through standards setting and active participation in emerging and technically relevant initiatives, ASC X12 facilitates the effective exchange of electronic information. To learn more about ASC X12, visit www.x12.org or call +1 703-548-7005.

ABOUT ebXML: The ebXML initiative is a worldwide effort to develop a common framework for using XML for business messages. A critical part of the initiative combines a definition of business processes with an identification of common or core components used in most business messages. The XML standards proposed by EWG and X12 will be based on ebXML recommendations.

ABOUT DISA: The Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA), the accredited standards community for e-business, is home for the development of cross-industry e-business standards that provide the foundation enabling individuals and organizations to participate in global e-business. Driving an array of e-business initiatives, DISA provides technical and administrative support to its Affiliates who include:

- ASC X12

- OpenTravel Alliance

- Interactive Financial eXchange Forum

- Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association

- Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization

- Open Philanthropy eXchange

- XML/EDI Group

Propelling global e-business, DISA and ASC X12 serve as the entry point for the United States into the United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT), an international standard relating to the exchange of trade goods and services. To learn more about DISA, visit www.disa.org or call +1 703-548-7005.