Falls Church, Va., March 3, 2005 - The Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) invites vendor companies to provide X12 member and end-user tools for utilizing and interacting with X12's architecture - Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA) - for generating XML business messages. To complement this CICA Development Tool Program, DISA will offer a Vendor Summit in spring 2005 to provide its vendor participants with added visibility opportunities and education on early adoption of X12 CICA messages.

The CICA Development Tool Program and Vendor Summit stems from requirements outlined by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12’s Convergence and Outreach Task Group, chartered to create collaborative relationships with other organizations to leverage the expertise of technology users and providers. The tool program will provide a secure web application that serves as an entry point to-and-from the CICA database and vendor application, which can be accessed by X12 members, end-users and vendors.

"We at DISA are pleased to provide creative channels for our X12 members and the communities they support to drive standard and technology adoption and innovation," said DISA President Jerry Connors.

X12 members and end-users will be able to easily deploy a program designed to fully utilize and interact with the CICA framework, making their message development and implementation more user friendly. In return, vendor participants will receive the opportunity to brand their tools to more than 3,000 X12 individuals and 1000s of prospective members.

"This is a perfect venue for ASC X12 and other organizations to work toward the economic goal of harmonization and interoperability of global standards," said ASC X12 Chair Ralph Berwanger. "As our vendor program grows, so will the adoption and convergence of both vertical and cross-domain standards."

This program is created with X12 members, end-users and vendors in mind to drive standards harmonization, to reduce vendor systems interoperability costs, and to create a neutral environment for XML standards convergence. Interested vendors should contact DISA, ASC X12’s secretariat, by calling Julia O’Brien at 606-356-2999 or e-mailing jobrien@disa.org.

About Accredited Standards Committee X12
The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, accredited by the American National Standards Institute and comprised of cross-industry representation, develops robust e-business exchange standards in X12 electronic data interchange (EDI) and XML formats that interact with a multitude of e-business technologies and serve as a premier tool for integrating electronic applications. Through standards-setting and active participation in emerging and technically relevant initiatives, ASC X12 facilitates the effective exchange of electronic information. Propelling global e-business, ASC X12 is an active contributor to the United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN/EDIFACT), an international standard relating to the exchange of good and services. To learn more about ASC X12, visit www.x12.org or call 703-970-4480.

About Data Interchange Standards Association
Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) is home for the development of cross-industry e-business standards that provide the foundation enabling individuals and organizations to participate in global e-business. Driving an array of e-business initiatives, DISA provides technical and administrative support to: Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) Forum, Hotel Electronic Distribution Network Association (HEDNA) and Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO). To learn more about DISA, visit www.disa.org or call 703-970-4480.