Standing Task Group

ECO - External Code List Oversight

Purpose And Scope

The External Code List Oversight (ECO) task group is responsible for overseeing ASC maintenance of X12 external code lists.

The ECO’s scope includes the following responsibilities and activities:

  • Overseeing ASC’s maintenance of X12 external code lists.
  • Resolving, or assisting in the resolution, of any external code list maintenance issues.
  • Ensuring ASC code maintenance activities align with applicable corporate and committee policies.
  • Establishing and disbanding ECO task groups to serve as code maintenance groups.
  • Assigning code maintenance responsibilities to specific ECO task groups.
  • Development and maintenance of ECO related policies and procedures.
  • Approval of ECO task group specific policies and procedures.

Contact List




Mary Kay McDaniel, Cognosante


(602) 300-4246