Purpose And Scope

X12J - Technical Assessment

Purpose And Scope

ASC X12J is responsible for the technical integrity of ASC X12 work products developed by the subcommittees.

ASC X12J's scope includes the following responsibilities and activities:

  • Coordination of activities related to requests for revisions to ASC X12 EDI and CICA Standards, and to American National Standards
  • Verification that ASC X12 approved design rules, guidelines and syntax rules are adhered to in all subcommittee development and maintenance
  • Development and maintenance of X12.61 EDI Design Rules and Guidelines
  • Development and maintenance of X12.71 CICA Design Rules and Guidelines
  • Maintenance of X12.3 Data Element Dictionary and X12.22 Segment Directory
  • Development and maintenance of interpretations related to ASC X12J work products
  • Review and approval of formal interpretations developed by other ASC X12 subcommittees

Contact List



Peter D. Pruyne, XeoHealth


(619) 847-0222

Vice Chair

Jim Taylor, MarineNet LLC


(314) 495-5055

PRB Representative

Peter D. Pruyne, XeoHealth


(619) 847-0222

Subcommittee Representatives

X12C Representative

Rick Rodgers, Rick Rodgers, IM


(706) 570-5320

X12C TAS Alt. Representative

Michael C. Rawlins, OpenText


(972) 643-3101

X12F Representative

Bruce Svoboda, Bank of America


(312) 992-0876

X12F TAS Alt. Representative

Candace Marton, Boost Payment Solutions


(646) 507-5213

X12I Representative

Dana Morton, FedEx


(469) 524-6430

X12I TAS Alt. Representative

Tom Bolling, Jr., Tom Bolling, ME


(404) 253-3611

X12I TAS Alt. Representative

Christopher Hight, Railinc


(919) 651-5291

X12M Representative

Rita Laur, GS1 Canada


(416) 380-2509ext 2269

X12M TAS Alt. Representative

Steven Rosenberg, GS1 US


(609) 620-4524

X12N Representative

LuAnn P. Hetherington, Highmark Inc.

X12N TAS Alt. Representative

Becky Kimmick, State Farm Insurance Companies


(309) 212-6235