Standing Task Group

Purpose And Scope

X12PRB - Procedures Review Board

Purpose And Scope

  1. To ensure that due process was followed and consensus was reached in all ASC X12 standards, guidelines, and interpretations development and maintenance so that all participants have confidence in the fairness of the results. The PRB will not act on technical matters.
  2. The PRB provides the same functionality to the working groups of ASC X12 that the Board of Standards Review provides to the Accredited Standards Committees of ANSI. That is, to establish that substantial agreement (consensus) has been reached by directly and materially affected and interested members of ASC X12 in the development and maintenance of standards and guidelines, to ensure all views and objections are considered, and that a concerted effort is made toward their resolution.
  3. The PRB shall base its judgment, as to whether due process was followed, by comparing the actual events to the ASC X12 procedures as documented in the ASC X12 OPM, any applicable standing documents of ASC X12, and any documented interpretation of the OPM, or standing documents of the ASC X12 Steering Committee or any applicable X12 subcommittee. In the absence of applicable documentation the PRB shall use its best judgement as to what is in the best interest of the EDI user community.
  4. Specific functions of the PRB include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. Approve new project proposals as official X12 work items. It is the responsibility of the PRB to determine whether the proposal is within the scope of ASC X12 and is consistent with other existing or developing ASC X12 standards and guidelines.
    2. Assign or reassign transaction sets and other draft proposed standards, guidelines, and project proposals to X12 subcommittees and task groups for development and maintenance.
    3. Provide a forum for the resolution of procedural issues (differences) between subcommittees.
    4. Provide a forum for continuing objections to be resolved and, if needed, refer the ballot item back to the developing body if due process was not followed.
    5. Authorize X12 Draft Standards for Trial Use, standards interpretations, and X12 Guidelines for the X12 balloting process.
    6. Authorize X12 Draft Standards for Trial Use, standards interpretations, and X12 Guidelines for publication.
    7. Authorize draft proposed American National Standards for the X12 balloting process and public review.
    8. Authorize draft proposed American National Standards for release to the ANSI Board of Standards Review for consideration as American National Standards.
    9. Authorize American National Standards for publication.


Contact List



LuAnn P. Hetherington, Highmark Inc.

Vice Chair


Subcommittee Representatives

X12C Representative

Lisa Miller, Xeohealth


(240) 367-5765

X12C Alternate


X12F Representative

Bruce Svoboda, Bank of America


(312) 992-0876

X12F Alternate

Candace Marton, Boost Payment Solutions


(646) 507-5213

X12I Representative

Doug Anderson, Kleinschmidt, Inc.


(847) 405-7457

X12I Alt. Representative

Phil Johnson, Kleinschmidt Inc.


(847) 945-1000

X12J Representative

Peter D. Pruyne, XeoHealth


(619) 847-0222

X12J Alt. Representative


X12M Representative

Steven Rosenberg, GS1 US


(609) 620-4524

X12M Alt. Representative

Rita Laur, GS1 Canada


(416) 380-2509ext 2269

X12N Representative

Laurie Burckhardt, WPS Insurance Corp.


(608) 223-5851

X12N Alt. Representative

Timothy C. Pearson, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina