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ASC X12 Standards Development

Attending an ASC X12 meeting is a good way to familiarize yourself with the ASC X12 process. If you are new to ASC X12, attend the orientation sessions first, where many of your initial questions can be answered. Then, choose to attend meetings of the ASC X12 subcommittee responsible for the standards of interest to you. At subcommittee and task group meetings, the best approach is to listen, collect information, and ask questions. If you are interested in becoming a voting member of a subcommittee, approach one of the officers after the meeting for information on how to join.

There are published procedures for development and maintenance of ASC X12 standards and forms for submission of your formal requests. Several of these documents are listed below.

Call DISA (703) 970-4480 or e-mail to obtain the proper forms and procedures documentation.



Submission Forms, Discussion Forums

 X12 EDI Transaction Sets

 CICA Messages

 ASC X12 Publication Schedule

 TR3 Public Comment Chart

 Operations Manual (SD2)


CMR Review and Discussion (X12 membership required to post messages)

Online Code Maintenance Request

DM Work Request Instructions

Online DM Submission

Project Proposal Forms

Current ASC X12 Standards Development Workbook

ASC X12 Support Services Request Template

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