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Standing Task Group

Purpose And Scope

X12P&P - Policies And Procedures
Purpose And Scope

P&P is chartered to make recommendations to Steering concerning the policies and procedures of the ASC X12 Committee. All actions of P&P are subject to review and approval by the Steering. P&P is assigned the following responsibilities:

  • Oversee maintenance of ASC X12 procedures documents (OPM, Standing Document 2 and Administrative Policy and Procedure Documents (ADPs)),
  • Interpret ANSI policies and procedures as these relate to ASC X12's operations.
  • Coordinate the membership balloting process with Administration.
  • Assist ASC X12 subgroups with understanding and use of the policies and procedures of ASC X12.

Officers List




Gail S. Kocher, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association


(312) 297-6582

Vice Chair


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