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ASC X12 005010 Transactions Enhancements Series

The Federal Government's much-anticipated final rule to modify mandated HIPAA transactions was issued.

Participate in the comprehensive six-part ASC X12 005010 transactions enhancements webinar series, which details technical differences between the 004010 and 005010 transactions.

Series highlights include:

  • Examples of how the implementation of X12 005010 transactions addresses industry-requested requirements
  • Identification of changes across all affected transactions, including details of explanatory, technical and structural modifications
  • The business justification for recommended solutions included in version 005010
  • Updates to clarify transaction use based on industry questions
  • Insight from original subject matter experts
  • Details of how 005010 is improved, compared to 004010

Participation is Easy

  1. Register online or via fax.
  2. When your payment is confirmed, a recording of the session will be mailed to you on a disc.
  3. Receive an e-mail reminder with the Internet playback streaming recording link.
  4. Connect to the Internet session link.
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Internet playback recordings of all sessions are available, along with a copy of the presentations and the "Questions and Answers" provided after each session.



834 - Health Plan Enrollment /
820 - Premium Payment

Gail Kocher, Co-chair, X12N WG21 HIPAA Implementation/Coordination

Annette Gabel, ASC X12N WG4
Enrollments and Premium Payments (820, 834)

835 - Health Care Claims Payments

Margaret Weiker, Chair, X12N (Insurance)

Deb Conklin, Co-chair, X12N WG3 Claim Payments (835, 269)
Pat Wijtyk, Co-chair, X12N WG3 Claim Payments (835, 269)

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Number of









Each Internet playback of the live session comes with a copy of the presentation and the session Questions & Answers, when provided by the presenter. Internet playback links become available approximately one week after the live session.

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Who Should Attend?
Health care professionals:

  • Providers (billing and rendering)
  • Provider billing office managers
  • Provider information technology staff
  • Health plans representatives

Registration Policy
Each confirmed registration will allow one person to take active participation in the webinar or Internet playback streaming recording. Materials will be mailed to the official registrant. We ask that you honor the pay-to-play policy so that ASC X12 can continue to provide valuable educational opportunities to industry representatives in the future.

The content of all ASC X12 webinar sessions is based on materials copyrighted by DISA on behalf of the ASC X12. All rights reserved throughout the world. The materials may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Any attempt to participate in a session or to use an Internet playback recording without proper registration is a violation and punitive action will be taken.

Confirmation of your webinar participation will be e-mailed to you approximately 48 hours of receipt of your registration. With your confirmation you will receive the information for how to connect to the webinar(s) you've selected. If you have questions regarding this process or do not receive your confirmation, please contact Patrice Scheyer at

Cancellation Policy
A fee of $50 per webinar will be credited to you within 30 days of notification of your cancellation, if you are not able to attend a confirmed session. Please e-mail regarding cancellations.