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HIPAA 005010 Road to Success

A Prescription for a Healthy and Successful ASC X12 005010 Implementation

Guest Speakers:
Joe Miller
Director of e-Business
AmeriHealth Mercy Family Companies

Gale Scott
HIPAA Transaction Compliance Administrator
Tampa General Hospital

Betsy Clore
Sr. Analyst/Programmer
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

Join ASC X12 and HIMSS, in their comprehensive webinar that delivers insight into the progress of those facing ASC X12 005010 (X12 005010) implementation, mandated by HIPAA.

The webinar covers:

  • Highlights from the 2009 HIMSS "Provider Survey on 005010 Progress," as reported to the National Committee on Health and Vital Statistics
  • Revealing feedback on member understanding and readiness
  • An overview of modifications and improvements that are an integral component of the implementation effort associated with the X12 005010 guides
  • Perspectives from a large hospital provider and an academic medical center's professional provider group, regarding work steps and challenges of the X12 005010 implementation effort
  • Resources to support your organization's readiness efforts for X12 005010

Learning Objectives:

  • Get the HIMSS perspective on industry status for X12 005010 migration, based on the results of a HIMSS 005010 survey from November 2009
  • Understand the changes associated with the implementation of the X12 005010 TR3 implementation guides
  • Recognize the major work steps needed to craft a successful roadmap to X12 005010 implementation success
  • Learn what industry resources HIMSS and X12 can provide, to help you navigate the challenges and achieve a successful X12 005010 implementation.

    The webinar presentation is available online at

Tell your colleagues about this webinar. This is an excellent opportunity for them to learn about the work products and initiatives developed through ASC X12. If your organization's staff is involved in X12 005010 activities, invite them to this informative 005010 webinar.